"reading is toyrific"

“Reading is Toyrific” is Wood-to-Wonderful’s motivational literacy outreach program which has been providing monthly books and related toys to at-risk, early learners in Reading since 2003. The goals of “Reading is Toyrific” are to motivate at-risk youngsters to read, love books, read at home, and do well in school. Every month of the school year, community volunteers visit six kindergarten classrooms at Riverside ES in the Reading School District to read a book to the class. Following the reading, each child receives his or her own personal copy of the book and a related motivational toy to keep. One hundred fifty (150) kindergarteners are served each month. In addition, 150 first graders at Riverside ES receive a monthly book to keep and also receive Christmas gift bags and other treats throughout the school year. At the end of each school year, participating children have a home library of at least 9 books. Having books at home contributes to the success of children in school.

About "Reading is Toyrific"

  • Volunteer readers visit the same classrooms every month so that a bond is developed between readers and children. This further motivates children to read and love books. Readers also serve as much-needed, positive role models for children.
  • 90% of participating children are from poverty-level families as determined by their participation in free- or reduced-lunch programs.
  • Schools served in past: Amanda Stout, Thomas Ford, 10th & Penn, Northwest, Glenside, 12th & Marion Elementary Schools in the Reading School District. Since 2003, thousands of at-risk children have benefited from “Reading is Toyrific.”
  • Volunteers help at monthly sessions to insert bookplates, count books and toys, and help deliver books and toys to schools.
  • Support for Wood-to-Wonderful’s “Reading is Toyrific” is greatly appreciated. Help put books and toys into the hands of deserving children by going to the “Donate Now” page.


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