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CAN IT (Clean A Neighborhood In Town) is a litter abatement program conceived and implemented by Wood-to-Wonderful. Originally, whimsical designs were stenciled onto recycled, brightly painted, 55-gallon barrels which were then placed at schools, residences, churches, and businesses in Reading. At present, recycled plastic barrels with vinyl designs are used as CAN IT litter receptacles. CAN IT receptacles are maintained by those who request them—the unique aspect of this program. Over 800 CAN IT receptacles are currently in use. Reading’s former Mayor designated CAN IT as Reading’s sole litter abatement program.


What is CAN IT Now?

CAN IT (Clean A Neighborhood In Town), is a Wood-to-Wonderful program in Reading, PA, which offers for a donation of $295 new, attractive, 55-gallon plastic litter cans for businesses, sports stadiums, schools, churches, non-profits, etc., as a way to keep the environment clean, advertise businesses, and clean up community areas as well as help raise funds for Wood-to-Wonderful. Company logos make CAN IT litter cans mini-billboards.

CAN IT litter cans are marketed as a fundraiser with the proceeds going to help Wood-to-Wonderful fund its “Reading is Toyrific,” wooden toymaking, Re-Bike-Cycle, and work with adults with disabilities community outreach programs.

Note: A portion of the cost of each CAN IT litter can is tax deductible.


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Wood-to-Wonderful was founded by Louise and Doug Brown in 1987 in the Washington, DC, suburbs and relocated to Reading, PA, in 1997. Wood-to-Wonderful’s original grass roots mission was to make wooden

toys for less fortunate children. To this end, over 150,000 wooden toys have been made and distributed to needy children over the years. Wood-to-Wonderful is a 501(c)(3) organization

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