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In May of 2004, Wood-to-Wonderful purchased a deteriorating building at 1044 North 8th Street, Reading, PA. Since then, Wood-to-Wonderful has made extensive renovations to the site. This newly renovated building is the proud home of Wood-to-Wonderful and its many grass roots community outreach programs. It is also a credit to the neighborhood.

Our Board of Directors


Wood-to-Wonderful is a Thrivent Choice participating organization. Through this member-advised charitable grant program, eligible Thrivent members can direct funds to Wood-to-Wonderful throughout each calendar year.

To see if you are eligible to direct funds, call Thrivent at 800-847-4836 or visit online at Thrivent.com/thriventchoice.

  • To donate: Click on the blue "Get started now" link located on the right side of the screen under "Direct Choice Dollars" (login is required).
  • Select “Wood-to-Wonderful” from the catalog.
  • Check the box to direct Choice Dollars.
  • Grant funds are direct deposited to Wood-to-Wonderful's bank account, and Wood-to-Wonderful is notified when a gift is made.



Lindsey Akers

   Supervisor, Small Business Group,
   Reinsel Kuntz Lesher, LLP

Carl Bard

   Retired Teacher

Douglas E. Brown

   Director, Wood-to-Wonderful

Louise Brown

   President, Secretary, Retired Teacher

David Engle

   Treasurer, Partner/Reinsel, Kuntz, Lesher, LLP

Richi Delgado

   Bicycle mechanic

Heather Foster

   Educational Liaison/Albright College

Lei Liao

  Vanguard Financial

Michael Schorn

  Vice President, Former City Councilman

Dean Showers

  President, United Steelworkers Local Union 6996

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Wood-to-Wonderful was founded by Louise and Doug Brown in 1987 in the Washington, DC, suburbs and relocated to Reading, PA, in 1997. Wood-to-Wonderful’s original grass roots mission was to make wooden

toys for less fortunate children. To this end, over 150,000 wooden toys have been made and distributed to needy children over the years. Wood-to-Wonderful is a 501(c)(3) organization

Doug Brown - Director   I   woodtowonderful@comcast.net

1044 North 8th Street, Reading, PA 19604   I   610.378.8697